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Project "Latgale interactive communication portal" was finansed by Phare CBC 2002 programme.
Study Trip of Latgale Planning Region to Trondelag in Norway to Foster Exchange of Good Practice between Regions
Programme: The block grant "Short Term Expert Fund" of EEA financial instrument and the bilateral financial instrument of the Norwegian government.
Project title: Study Trip of Latgale Planning Region to Trondelag in Norway to Foster Exchange of Good Practice between Regions
Lead partner: Latgale Planning Region
The overall objective of the project: to promote the quality of public sector services and to improve sound management principles by stimulating the exchange of knowledge, experience and good practice between Latgale region in Latvia and Trondelag region in Norway.
Specific aims:
  1. To explore socio economic characteristics, good practice examples and lessons learnt of Trondelag Region in Norway for fostering regional competitiveness by implementing experience exchange visit of 20 politicians of Latgale Planning Region to Trondelag.
  2. To establish and promote cooperation within the public sector of Latgale and Trondelag.
The target groups of the project: 20 representatives of Latgale Planning Region – politicians, employees, representatives of Latgale Region Development Agency who are involved in regional development process, region’s municipalities, educational establishments, and business support institutions.
Project activities:
  1. Project management – support and coordinating activity.
  2. Study trip to Trondelag region in Norway and summary of study trip results.
Project results:
  1. Realized exchange of good practices between Trondelag and Latgale region in such sectors as education, regional development and SMEs support (6 meetings and 2 seminars).
  2. Established contacts with municipalities and regional institutions of Trondelag region.
  3. Established cooperation among public sector representatives in Trondelag and Latgale region.
  4. Signed agreement on letter of intention about cooperation between Trondelag and Latgale region in the result of experience exchange visit of Latgale Planning Region to Trondelag Region.
  5. Ensured project publicity and disseminated information about both regions’ initiative to cooperate.
Project period: 3 months
Project status: on 09.06.2008. submitted for evaluation
Contact information: Viktorija Zeltkova,, ph: +371 654 28111


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