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Latgale Region Development Agency
Saules iela 15, Daugavpils
Tel./Fax. +371 654 28111

Project "Latgale interactive communication portal" was finansed by Phare CBC 2002 programme.
The Latgale Planning Region Development Council represents the opinion and interests of Latgale local governments. On 5 May 1998, the Latgale Development Council (LDC) was established, and on 13 December 2002, it was reorganised into the Latgale Planning Region Development Council.
The LDC was the first organisation with such lines of activities in Latvia; its main task was to organise and to manage working out and implementation of a long-term development plan and strategy, as well as to represent the interests of Latgale region at the political level.
Pursuant to the Law on Regional Development, the Planning Region Development Council performs the following functions:
1) sets forth main principles and priorities of the long-term development of the planning region;
2) ensures co-ordination of the planning region development according to the main principles, purposes and priorities set forth in the documents for regional development planning;
3) manages and supervises over working out and implementation of the development programme and territorial planning of the planning region;
4) ensures co-operation of local governments and co-operation of the planning region with the national institutions in implementation of measures for support of regional development;
5) evaluates compliance of the national planning, the national development plan, national and industries’ development programmes with the development programme and territorial development of the planning region, and in cases of failure to comply decides on initiation of revision of development planning documents at the national level or on amendments to the planning documents of the planning region;
6) approves the regulations of the Planning Region Development Council and the Planning Region Development Agency;
7) performs other functions pursuant to standard acts.

Latgale Region Development Agency
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